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Our Stored Power Davit is designed to offer a compact solution for the safe and efficient launch and retrieval of lifeboats and rescue boats. It is built for long term, reliable operation in a harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environment.

ACEBI has developed stored Power Davits for multiple applications : OFFSHORE, MERCHANT SHIPS, NAVY and MEGA YACHTS. The system is suitable for a safe and efficient launching and recovery of a fully-manned Lifeboat and its equipment.
Launching of the lifeboat or rescue boat can be performed either from inside the boat with a remote-control unit (supplied as standard), or from deck. Operation of the lifeboat or rescue boat is made through an electro-hydraulic driven system.
The Stored Power Davit system is designed to meet the latest IMO / SOLAS requirements, as well as the LSA Code and European Council Directive 96/98 on Marine Equipment (MED). Stored Power Davits are available in several models and sizes for ships and rigs, with capacities for lifeboats and rescue boats up to 23,000 kg.


  • Accumulated power in case of blackout
  • Independent / Plug & Play operation
  • Suitable for every type of lifeboat / rescue boat
  • Compliant with NORSOK R-002
  • Very low height
  • Special design for yachts and mega yachts


  • Welded or screwed davit mounting
  • Wave compensation on two arms
  • Full manned lifeboat recovery
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ACEBI, since 40 years, is designing, developing and supplying davits, launching and recovery systems, lifeboats and rescue boats, cranes, deck and access equipment for all types of ships and offshore platforms.



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