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The Gravity Rollertrack Davit is deck-to-wall mounted, comprising two davit arms (each supported by a trackway) and a separate winch. The davit is designed for boarding and launching the lifeboat from an embarkation deck (outboard embarkation), or from storage deck in accordance with vessels design. The davit design allows free passage beneath the lifeboat.

The Single Pivot Gravity (SPG) Davit is based on a well-known concept. Swing-out and lowering are achieved in a single continuous movement, and the lifeboat is launched within the minimum time demanded by SOLAS. The winch brake is released by the operator either on deck, or from within the lifeboat. When the brake is released, the davit arms swing out, and the boat is then lowered to the water. This operation can be stopped at any time by engaging the winch brake. In accordance with the latest SOLAS requirements, the rescue function is also fulfilled.

Both of the above mentioned systems feature :

  • Gravity lowering of the loaded lifeboat, independent of external power supply
  • Lifeboat retrieval with three crew members if used as a conventional lifeboat, or six crew members if used as a rescue boat
  • Lifeboat retrieval by manual hand cranking


  • Simple installation and winch support integrated to the davit stool
  • Simplicity due to few moving parts (low maintenance costs)
  • Suitable for every type of lifeboat


  • Full manned lifeboat recovery
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