ACEBI's lifeboats

and rescue boats

Freefall solutions enable fast evacuation in an emergency. Boats are designed to accelerate gently during water entry. They are designed for safe and efficient launching and retrieval.

ACEBI freefall lifeboats are designed and tested in accordance with the latest IMO/SOLAS regulations (MED 96/98 EC).

Two versions are available: tanker and dry cargo.

All boats are fitted with equipment meeting European standards and all have BUKH engines. The electrical charging system is from DEFA.

Notifying body

  • Bureau Veritas or other, upon request.
  • ACEBI also offers freefall systems for use in offshore applications. Freefall solutions allow rapid evacuation in an emergency.

ACEBI freefalls offshore

A quick get away from dangerous becoming installations. We apply our vast experience from the North Sea into the research and development of our products.


  • Maximum distance from installation
  • Position to water entry point
  • Positive forward motion after water entry
  • Good guidance during initial phase of drop, providing stability during the free-fall phase
  • Thoroughly proven system designed for large list and trim angles
  • Robust system designed to withstand strong winds and waves from any direction

ACEBI’s Totally-Enclosed Lifeboats are designed and tested to comply with the latest IMO / SOLAS regulations (MED 96/98 EC). Two versions are available: tanker and conventional. Two conventional boat models are available : PELB (Partially-Enclosed Lifeboats) and TELB ( Totally-Enclosed Lifeboats).

The tanker versions are built to withstand the extreme conditions in which they will be operating; they are resistant to extreme heat, oil, moisture and acids / basics.

Seating arrangement

ACEBI offers seating arrangements suited to various weight/sizes, as per regulations and customer requirements.

Optional equipment

Bow thruster, VHF, Engine Heater, Cabin Heater, Air Humidifier, EPIRBs, SARTs, and equipment for compliance with POLAR and ICE CLASS regulations.


All boats are fitted with European-standard equipment, engines are manufactured by BUKH, and the electrical charging system is by DEFA.

Notifying body

  • Bureau Veritas or other, upon request
  • ACEBI lifeboats are certified to the latest LSA Code as amended, with new hooks meeting the standard laid down in the following resolutions : MSC.320 (89) and MSC.321 (89)

These boats are built to comply with the latest SOLAS amendments, and designed to be launched using Pivot Gravity, Gravity Roller Track Davits, Hydraulic Stored Power Davits and Platform Davits.

ACEBI offers a full range of partially or totally enclosed lifeboats and combined tender / lifeboat systems for every type of passenger vessel.

Each system is developed for optimal performance and space-saving, since the top priority is to meet the needs of today’s cruise lines and ferry operators.


  • Excellent performance
  • User-friendliness
  • Space-saving
  • Low maintenance

ACEBI’s fast rescue boats can be supplied with either outboard petrol or inboard diesel engines.

Their high-speed hulls enable them to reach speeds of up to 35 knots.

Our fast rescue boats are equipped with STEYR inboard diesel engines and Alamarin-Jets ; they are thus both fast and extremely manoeuvrable.

Rescue boats are excellent for: man-overboard recovery, fast personnel transportation, and anchoring and mooring operations.

When urgent intervention is needed, our fast rescue boats are up to the task.

Rescue boat davits are specifically designed to allow fast launching in difficult working conditions.

Our fast rescue boats are fitted with hydraulic steering as standard. The robust GRP frame ensures good self-righting ability, while large drain valves in the stern ensure drainage from the deck. The boats are equipped with  high-quality navigation lights and switch panels (IP 56).

Optional equipment rescue/fast rescue boats

VHF, console cover, boat cover, engine heater. A Henriksen hook can be installed on request.


  • Free draining deck
  • Robust, impact resistant and fire-retardant fender/ hull
  • Ergonomically designed cockpit
  • Single-point lifting frame with offload release hook
  • Inboard diesel engine with waterjet system


  • Strong, welded, shot blasted, strengthened aluminum hull

ACEBI introduces its new range of rescue boat (semirigid or rigid) systems to suit every marine application : merchant vessels, passenger vessels and offshore.

These boats can be used as Service / Work boats or lifeboats. The design focus is on functionality. We design davits specifically for each type of Service / Work that will be demanded of them. Our special designs ensure  excellent stability and optimal working conditions on board, even in rough sea conditions.

Our rescue boats are delivered with either outboard petrol engines or inboard diesel engines. The boats are built of GRP on aluminium, with a low freeboard to facilitate rescue operations.

Self-bailing, with ample deck space, self-righting capacity and a sturdy foam-filled fender, the boats are supplied with an inboard diesel engine and water jet propulsion unit, or an outboard petrol engine. Our specially-developed davits with shock absorbers and tension systems for severe weather conditions allow our rescue boats to be launched from a mother ship even in heavy sea conditions.

The boats meet current IMO/SOLAS regulations MED 96 / 98 AC.

Our boats and equipment are fully compliant with the latest SOLAS regulations and amendments, and are EC-labelled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

Life Rafts and Survival Equipment


In addition to more traditional lifeboats, or for smaller ships not requiring such equipment, we provide liferafts complete with our davits, as a complete package.

Our systems fulfil all the latest directive requirements and can match every case, with the option of a fully integrated system (in the ship’s hull) and/or a more traditional davit having variable boom length.


These liferafts are built and approved to the latest IMO requirements, and have EC markings as per the MED circular.

The design is patented, and a European application is in process.

Throw Overboard Liferafts

Tilting cradles are available in steel, aluminium or stainless steel. These cradles are to be completed with a lashing arrangement and a hydrostatic release unit.

SR : Self-Righting

  • A Pack : including survival kit
  • B pack : without survival kit

Who we are..?

ACEBI, since 50 years, is designing, developing and supplying davits, launching and recovery systems, lifeboats and rescue boats, cranes, deck and access equipment for all types of ships and offshore platforms.


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